My research on architecture stems from my PhD thesis on unrealized Utopian theatre architecture. I have since published articles on Adolphe Appia's Festspielhaus Hellerau as a site for dwelling in light and sound. I have also written on the spatial performativity of Diller Scofidio + Renfro's architectural practice, as well as presenting at several conferences on the notion of scenographic architecture (with a chapter devoted to this subject in my monograph).
Journal Article
Blurred Architecture. Architects Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio have questioned conventional approaches to spatial temporality and the situation of architecture since the late 1970s. Now joined by Charles Renfro
Journal Article
Dwelling in Light and Sound. To interrogate the potential role of architecture within intermedial digital opera, this article returns to a model of performance architecture as conceived by Swiss scenographer Adolphe Appia (1842-1928)
PhD Research Project
Utopian Theatres. This research project examines the dramaturgical implications of three historically significant unrealized theatres. The objective was to form new insights on these seldom examined theatres through the process of computer-based 3D visualization.
Seminar Paper
Architecture performs. This statement dictates the thesis of this paper: that the affect of architecture is tantamount to the event of performance. As Bernard Tschumi has stated, structure and action are bound within a reciprocal relationship, where structure is activated by action and action is promoted by structure.