Performance Design
My research on performance design focuses on the Anglophone appropriation of the term scenography and how this now relates to the expanded practices of theatre and performance. 'Beyond Scenography' is my first monograph. In this title, I argue for a critical distinction between ‘scenography’ and ‘scenographic’: where a scenographic perspective can operate beyond the institutional and ideological contexts of theatre. Case studies include scenographic architecture, installation art, protest art, and parades. I also have a distinct interest in the blurred boundaries of contemporary art practices and Modernist performance work from the 1920s and 1930s.
Beyond Scenography. This monograph project examines the Anglophone appropriation of the term 'scenography' and argues the critical distinctiveness of a 'scenographic' perpective.
Research Collaboration
The Food Project is composed of an international group of artists (actors, directors, scenographers, architects and academics) working to investigate how women perform questions of identity and social politics through the practices of food preparation, eating, and cleaning.
Conference Presentation
Scenography is in crisis. The boundaries of what is, and is not, scenography have become increasingly elusive in the early twenty-first century.